In episode #2 of Construction Talk, Nicola and Peter talk about going “beyond the imaginable” to show that construction is an aspirational place to learn and work. Nicola just opened the UK’s first industry-led education centre - AccXel - a £3m facility established to address construction's severe skills shortage.


Time-stamped highlights:

[01:42] The roots of KW Bell Group, a family business and planning for the future

[02.07] Appealing to the younger generation and developing apprenticeships

[04.36] National Apprenticeship Week

[05.24] The birth of AccXel - the Construction Skills Accelerator Centre

[08.06] Screaming about construction as an aspirational place to learn and work

[10.13] The three pillars: inspire, train, connect

[12.12] How AccXel’s architecture has purpose and meaning

[14.30] Embracing education and changing careers, no matter your age

[16.29] It’s real world learning that builds a career, not textbooks

[18.45] The importance of upskilling existing workers with digital skills

[19.48] UK construction is way behind other countries who are more efficient

[20.40] Retaining staff by educating them on the benefits of digital technology

[22.46] Climate change and carbon emissions

[23.55] Big plans for AccXel in the next 10 years

[27.06] Do we know the skills construction will need in 10 years?

[28.55] Final message from Nicola

Links mentioned in today's episode:

AccXel - the Construction Skills Accelerator Centre

K W Bell Group

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