In episode #4 of Construction Talk, Debby and Becci talk about International Women’s Day and advise women who want to start working in construction tech.

Later in the podcast, they talk about exciting new tech changes and helping construction embrace technology.


Time-stamped highlights:

[00:50] Becci introduces herself

[01.30] Debby introduces herself

[01.50] International Women’s Day theme - #breakthebias

[02.53] What drew Debby to civil engineering and tech?

[03.50] Becci’s journey into construction tech

[05.47] Debby’s advice to women looking to enter construction tech

[07.33] It’s all about changing perceptions about the construction industry

[08.33] Find yourself a mentor

[08.54] It’s important to be you, not somebody else

[09.39] We need to shout more about how exciting construction can be for women

[11.15] Net-zero carbon and improving the environment

[12.04] Moving away from a siloed to a holistic approach

[13.07] Innovations at WSP that impact people’s lives

[13.46] Debby gives her most exciting and inspiring tech change thoughts

[19.38] Becci shares her most exciting and inspiring tech change thoughts

[23.28] Becci on how to help construction embrace technology

[26.04] Debby offers a consultant’s view on embracing tech

[28.33] Peter wraps up the podcast

Links mentioned in today's episode:

WSP Global

International Women's Day


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