In episode #5 of Construction Talk, Nathan talks about the perfect storm of society embracing technology and the tech itself getting increasingly capable. 

Nathan gives fascinating insights on construction data security, strategies and getting data right while covering a range of subjects that you will want to hear about. 


Time-stamped highlights:

[00:54] Nathan introduces himself  

[01.59] Technology is taking over society and the workplace 

[02.40] A recognition in construction about security 

[02.53] Feeling the purpose behind rolling out technologies 

[04.22] We must get data right with the best strategy 

[05.05] We need to see data strategies normalised across major programs 

[06.53] Partnerships and digital rehearsals, modelling and twins 

[09.18] Work on the same version, at the same time, in the same place 

[12.37] Why digital permutations and real-time data help you succeed 

[14.40] Gaming technology has been repurposed for construction 

[16.23] Decarbonisation will be hard without digitalisation due to the complexity 

[18.22] What’s getting Nathan excited about the future (robots included) 

[20.36] Digitalisation is only there to support people, not the other way around 

[23.31] Looking to the future: a duty to upskill and digitalise our workforce 

[24.58] Construction is a hot sector and we can learn from other sectors 

[27.45] Figuring out the right mix of experience as part of our skills strategy 

[26.04] Guidance to help SMEs overcome their challenges  

[27.45] Great to see government mandates helping SMEs on projects 

[29.12] Nathan and Turner & Townsend are working on exciting projects right now 

[30.24] Nathan and Peter sign off from the podcast 

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