In episode #6 of Construction Talk, Annette talks about her role of Head of Innovation at National Highways and how the business is at the forefront of construction technology.

Annette discusses the innovation priorities for the business - spanning a range of topics from Net Zero and intelligent machine control right the way through to connected and autonomous plant. 


Time-stamped highlights:

[00:42] Annette introduces herself

[01.45] The changing landscape of the future

[02.44] Discussing the National Highways innovation hub

[04.20] The role of a Head of Innovation

[06.50] Accelerating the adopting of technology

[09.22] Major project work through the digital rehearsal

[11.20] Better planning for the work that needs to be done

[13.03] A greater level of data sharing and collaboration

[14.14] Our challenge is making sure we’re collecting the right data

[18.16] Reaching for Net Zero targets

[18.55] Using technology to visualise what we’re going to do in the future

[20.50] How push and pull innovations are part of the process

[22.05] Opening up people’s imaginations to do things differently

[25.08] Getting people with the good ideas

[28.01] Opening ourselves up to a much more diverse supply chain

[31.02] Exciting innovation that is coming at National Highways

[33.25] Annette and Peter sign off from the podcast

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