Causeway SpecifiedBy has introduced a new data syncing function to enhance the product data management experience for its users. This new service is designed to assist Causeway SpecifiedBy building product users in maintaining their product listings more efficiently, ultimately saving time and effort.

How data syncing works 

During the onboarding phase, a dedicated developer will help to set up the data syncing function, allowing for automatic replication of product listings from manufacturers' websites onto their Causeway SpecifiedBy profiles.

Data syncing employs a smart spiderbot that periodically scans specific fields on manufacturers' product pages, checking for any updates. If changes are detected, the spiderbot will update the corresponding fields on Causeway SpecifiedBy, subject to manufacturer approval. This automated process simplifies product management.

What are the benefits of enabling data syncing on Causeway SpecifiedBy?   

  • Time savings: Data syncing offers a significant time-saving advantage by eliminating the need for manual data entry or batch updates. This allows manufacturers to redirect their focus to their core business activities.

  • Flexibility: Data syncing provides flexibility by offering unlimited product numbers at a fixed development fee. This approach is particularly beneficial for companies with extensive product ranges, ensuring a cost-effective solution that aligns with their needs.

  • Data accuracy: Ensuring data accuracy is paramount in the world of building product information. The data syncing feature helps maintain consistent and reliable product details across platforms, fostering trust and credibility among architects, specifiers, and Causeway SpecifiedBy users.

  • Enhanced SEO and traffic: Using data syncing enhances website traffic and SEO by integrating high-quality manufacturer content into the platform. This mutually benefits both manufacturers and the Causeway SpecifiedBy platform.

Future plans for Causeway SpecifiedBy

Looking ahead, Causeway SpecifiedBy has plans to implement a manufacturer verification system, which will highlight manufacturers using the data syncing feature. This will assure users that the data they view aligns with official manufacturer websites, emphasising the platform's commitment to accuracy and transparency.

In the future, Causeway SpecifiedBy intends to integrate manufacturer blog posts and stories into the platform. This enhancement will increase visibility and streamline manufacturers content management process.

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