For cost consultants and quantity surveyors, having smarter access to accurate historic cost data is absolutely key. Not only will you be able to provide clients with speedier affordability/feasibility responses but you will also save many hours of your own time in providing this crucial data.

This webinar is part of a 3-part series that will allow you to take control over your cost data by leveraging historic information, providing professional cost reports to clients and improving your methods of measurement with dynamic integration whilst maintaining a full audit trail in parallel.

In this third episode in the series, Tim Cook, Global Account Manager at Causeway, will discuss how you can be much smarter at cost planning using the power of Causeway CATO. Tim will identify the downsides of using Excel for cost planning and how the use of a proprietary multi-user system will add enormous value to the way your team work, from creating cost plans from templates, natural integration with measurements (2D or BIM), driving cost plans from key quantities (parameters), professional branded reporting, using historic rate data and much more.



The first episode in the series, "Taking Control of Your Valuable Cost Data," is available here.

The second episode in the series, "Adding Value to Take Off Processes," is available here.

Causeway’s CATO cost planning suite provides a comprehensive solution for cost consultants, enabling cost advice and management to be provided quickly, consistently and at the lowest price. Developed in close collaboration with leading QS professionals, CATO offers a modular suite of tools that allows you to select the functionality your business needs, as and when you need it, including automated measurement tools for CAD drawings and BIM models. Learn more about our cost planning solutions.

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