CPD’s are a great tool for anyone working in construction to engage with key contacts in their area of work. CPD’s with Architects increases awareness of your product/service and can help increase enquiries/appointments on relevant schemes. Below, we have compiled our top tips for booking CPDs with Architects you want to work with.

1. Decide On Your Cpd Topic And Structure

Making your CPD offering stand out from the crowd is the first step to booking Architectural Practices. Diaries can become full very quickly in the construction industry and often Practices try to schedule their CPDs early on in the year. This means you need to design a CPD with a tangible USP relevant to your product/service and get in touch early to secure your booking.

2. Generate Your Priority List Of Contacts

Generating a list of relevant key contacts and their respective Practices can help ensure your CPD reaches the right audience. As a result, you are more likely to see a tangible return, such as increased enquiries or specification appointments on future schemes.

3. Enlist An External Telemarketing Team To Promote

Promoting your CPD is the best way to increase the number of bookings made with relevant contacts. There are many challenges telemarketers face, including gatekeepers such as reception staff, incorrect contact details or busy schedules that prevent a Practice from committing to a date for the CPD. This can be highly labour-intensive and often in-house resources struggle to dedicate the time and resources needed to secure relevant bookings. Expert telemarketers that work exclusively in construction, like Enhance, can use their knowledge and experience to overcome the challenges a telemarketer can face, to book CPD’s with the Architects you want to work with.

4. Follow Up With Attendees

Following up with CPD attendees is the most important part of the process. Keeping the communication lines open will help you stay in the mind of prospective clients for future schemes. You can ask for feedback on your CPD. Attendees can review the benefits of your CPD programme and make recommendations on how to improve. Feedback from relevant sources enables you to tailor future CPD’s to your audience. This will help you stand out from the competition. 

To Conclude

Architectural Practices can be notoriously difficult to get into, however, this doesn’t mean it is impossible. Creating valuable, expert CPD courses that will add value to Architectural work will improve your chances of booking your CPD. If you want to book Architectural Practices for your CPD, but don’t have the in-house resource, contact Enhance. We are experts in construction and will help you generate bookings with the relevant key decision-makers you want to work with.

Are you ready to get your products in front of Architects through CPDs?

The benefits of face-to-face CPD are endless and Causeway Enhance is proud to be leading the way, providing manufacturers and specifiers with office-based CPDs.

If your organisation is ready to bring back face-to-face CPDs, Causeway Enhance arranges CPD’s with Architects and Consultants. We work closely with you to guarantee all attendees have a follow-up call helping ensure you generate future product specifications. Click on the link below to find out more.

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