In my previous blog I wrote about losing the sheets – the spreadsheets – and the special place these sheets have in the hearts of many, including Facilities Management professionals. What I went on to discuss was a cost-effective, time-efficient alternative - the CAFM Helpdesk. You can read that blog here.

Although the title of this blog is similar, here I am talking about a different kind of sheet - a job sheet. 

The traditional process for a planned and/or reactive maintenance task is as follows:  

Time to lose the sheets - Part Two: 6 reasons for Mobile CAFM software

This is the typical scenario. However this process often goes awry!

Many Facilities Managers find it difficult to respond to emergencies as they have no way of contacting the nearest technician to that emergency. Furthermore, job sheets can often go missing or be damaged.

The obvious solution is to use mobile CAFM software.

Mobile CAFM software is exactly what you think it is – CAFM software that can be run on mobile devices, either through an app or web browser on a mobile device or tablet.

Mobile CAFM delivers enhanced two-way communication between base and mobile workforces. Technicians can view and complete jobs on their mobile devices through mobile applications.

Ideal for planned and reactive tasks, Mobile FM provides FMs with real time data for improved decision making.

There are sometimes concerns with mobile technology that if there is no connection, the software cannot be used.

This potential issue is resolved by having an ‘offline mode’, which enables the operative to complete the job and enter the data even when in an area of little or no mobile/WiFi connectivity... Then, when the connection is restored the data will automatically upload.

Six reasons for ‘going mobile’

We have seen the positive impact of technology and CAFM software in other areas of Facilities Management; similar benefits can also be achieved with Mobile CAFM.

Below are just 6 reasons for going mobile with your existing CAFM software:

1. Reduction of administrative burden:

Instead of processing, filing and managing paper job sheets, Mobile FM can directly send progress reports and completion notifications, as well as associated information, into your CAFM Helpdesk. This also makes updates to internal customers easier and more timely.

2. Better quality data:

Increased quantity and quality of data returned, compared to paper driven systems. Real time data is produced and can be reported on at the click of a button.

3. SLA management:

Up-to-date data is invaluable in monitoring the performance of internal and external suppliers, and their compliance with Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

4. Improved accuracy: 

Compared to writing numbers on job sheets, entering condition-based monitoring data into a Mobile CAFM system makes it considerably easier to share information with appropriate parties and systems as part of the asset management strategy.

5. Save time: 

The ability to issue many jobs (PPM and/or reactive) at one time, and to modify/update these remotely, significantly reduces technician travelling time so that resources are utilised more efficiently.

6. Go green: 

Paper consumption and disposal has a significant influence on an organisation’s environmental impact. Causeway’s Mobile CAFM solution greatly reduces paper consumption – some users have reported savings of over 1500 pages of A4 per annum.

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