B&E Construction has implemented the Causeway Donseed labour management system, utilising both dedicated on-site biometric devices and mobile-based apps to help achieve data visibility and streamline admin tasks.

Leading civil engineering and groundworks contractor B&E Construction had been using manual, paper-based timesheets to record working hours. The management team felt that improved efficiency in labour management processes was required.

B&E Construction, which works on both major and smaller scale projects across the country, required a solution that had the flexibility to meet the requirements of different sites. Working with the Causeway team, B&E Construction has chosen to implement two different Causeway Donseed identification solutions to manage the workforce on site.

Four of the larger sites now operate a specially designed touchscreen tablet with a certified optical fingerprint sensor to enable users to verify their identity and make signing in and out of the site fast and simple.

Meanwhile eight sites are utilising the innovative Causeway Donseed mobile app. The easy and intuitive app allows site operatives to log their presence on site using their mobile with easy facial recognition. The built-in GPS Geo-Tagging Technology checks that the sign-in and -out occurs within the site perimeter. The app, which is available on both iOS and Android devices, also includes Smartcard Verification and PPE record features.

The data from both the tablet and mobile devices feed into the central portal meaning the business has full visibility across all sites no matter how many operatives are signing-in.

Accurate time and attendance records help ensure correct payment for hours worked and reduces the administrative burden, providing a return on investment. For B&E Construction, this eliminated the need to recruit additional staff for data entry as the business expanded, providing a clear and immediate financial benefit.

Designed specifically for construction sites, Causeway Donseed centralises all labour and employee related data for simplified analysis and monitoring. It also assists with the management of training and certifications to ensure site safety and compliance

Causeway Donseed is a biometric labour management solution. If you'd like to see how Causeway Donseed could start making an instant difference to your business, book your 30-minute demo here.

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