In the ever-changing world of engineering and design, keeping up with technology is essential. Fairhurst, a prominent multi-disciplinary consultancy with nearly two decades of history, knows this well. Recently, they reaffirmed their commitment to innovation and excellence by selecting Causeway Flow and SmartTools as their new drainage design solution.


Fairhurst's journey with Causeway began almost 20 years ago when they adopted the Professional Design Suite (PDS), a powerful tool for earthworks, development site infrastructure, and highway design. Their continued use of PDS highlights their strong relationship with Causeway.

So, why did Fairhurst choose a new drainage design solution? Here are the key reasons:

Cost and Development Challenges: Their existing drainage design software faced two major issues. It came with a significant 20% increase in renewal fees and was on the path to discontinuation with no further development.

Commitment to Clients: Fairhurst is known for delivering top-notch solutions. Unfortunately, their current software couldn't meet evolving needs, particularly the demand for FEH22 rainfall data by regulatory authorities.

Embracing Digital Transformation: Fairhurst was in the midst of transitioning from Causeway PDS dongles to a fully cloud-based infrastructure, making it the right time to rethink their drainage design software.

Fairhurst's search for a new solution led them through a thorough evaluation process, guided by their account manager, Yalda Majdabadi, who stated:

"We eagerly assisted Fairhurst in their digital transformation, shifting from dongles to cloud licenses, enhancing efficiency, and modernising operations. When the opportunity arose to explore an alternative drainage design solution, we were keen to showcase Causeway Flow's capabilities and benefits."

After rigorous testing, the Fairhurst team recognised that Causeway Flow outperformed a competitor’s solution, mainly due to its seamless integration with their existing workflow and the flexibility our floating licences provide.

Fairhurst and Causeway are now planning a collaborative future:

  • Causeway Flow is being rolled out in phases to Fairhurst's offices in London and Scotland
  • Regular drop-in sessions and ongoing support ensure a smooth transition
  • Comprehensive training programs, including trainer-led sessions and the use of Causeway Learn, empower Fairhurst's engineers with new skills and minimal downtime

Fairhurst's journey with Causeway exemplifies how innovation can drive success in engineering and design. If you're considering a design strategy transformation, don't miss the opportunity to join Fairhurst and over 700 other companies that have chosen Causeway.

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