Granada Secondary Glazing boasts over 35 years of experience in the industry, producing approximately 25,000 frames annually. Their extensive knowledge and expertise make them a leading authority in secondary glazing solutions.

The company provides direct supplies to trade outlets throughout the UK while also catering to architects and specifiers for commercial projects. Granada Secondary Glazing offers a complete turnkey solution, from initial consultation to final installation.

When approached by Causeway, the company was eager to explore new avenues to enhance its sales team's skills. Causeway presented a solution that allowed Granada Secondary Glazing to connect directly with architects across the UK without incurring significant strain on internal resources.

Customer Information

Granada Secondary Glazing

Customer Name: Granada Secondary Glazing

Industry: Window Supplier

Causeway Solution:

Causeway CPD



The Challenge:


Standing out in a crowded marketplace


Granada Secondary Glazing faced the challenge of having a limited number of people within their commercial prospecting team, which made it difficult to maintain a presence on the CPD front.


To address this issue, they turned to Causeway, which allowed them to maximise the workload of their existing team while still acquiring a healthy number of CPD requests through booking campaigns.




Working with CPD booking experts


When asked about their experiences with Causeway, Granada Secondary Glazing shared that they haven't used alternative providers in terms of generating CPD requests, which meant that everything prior to their campaigns with Causeway was generated by their in-house marketing team.

Lewis Hartley, Marketing Manager for Granada Secondary Glazing, has said:

"Since working with Causeway, our team now has confidence that they will meet their high-quality CPD enquiries as we move to the coming financial year."

Getting started with Causeway was also a straightforward process for Lewis and their team. Lewis had an initial meeting with one of Causeway's team leaders, followed by a meeting with their specific account manager to provide further details on their business and CPD offering. From there, Causeway was able to start contacting architects and generating enquiries.


“Our experience with Causeway has been excellent. We’re making great progress as the Causeway team has been attentive throughout the process and is quick to give feedback.”


Lewis HartleyMarketing Manager



“High quality” bookings


Since partnering with Causeway and utilising their CPD Booking Service, the sales team at Granada Secondary Glazing has already begun to see promising results. While the campaign is still in its early stages, the company has received several CPD enquiries from firms currently working on secondary glazing projects.

"Our commitment to providing high-quality CPD programs is at the core of our marketing efforts on the commercial side of our business. So far, working with Causeway, the quality of the CPD bookings appears to be very high,” noted one team member.

In addition, Causeway has helped Granada Secondary Glazing to reach architects and specifiers who may not have been aware of the company's offerings.

“I’d highly recommend Causeway. Their services have proven to be an incredibly effective way of generating CPD booking enquiries without utilising the limited time of our internal sales team.”—Lewis Hartley, Marketing Manager at Granada Glazing.

Overall, using Causeway has enabled Granada Secondary Glazing to overcome the challenge of limited resources on their commercial prospecting team and maintain a presence on the CPD front.

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