Maximising reach and efficiency: How Twinfix overcame CPD challenges with Causeway CPD

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Twinfix is the leading supplier of high-quality, safety-focused roof glazing and canopies in the United Kingdom. With a strong commitment to health and safety and an environmentally responsible approach, Twinfix serves a wide range of sectors, including rail, education, and retail.

The company’s comprehensive services cover everything from initial project advice to design, manufacturing, and installation.

As part of their continuous improvement and expansion efforts in the roofing and canopy arena, Twinfix discovered Causeway CPD, a platform that provides a range of services to connect architects and specifiers with suppliers and manufacturers.

Customer Information


Customer Name: Twinfix

Industry: Canopies and Roof Glazing

Causeway Solution:

Causeway CPD


A complete CPD management service, designed to save clients valuable time

The Challenge:

Time-efficient CPDs

Before adopting Causeway CPD’s Booking Service, Twinfix faced several challenges. Conducting face-to-face CPDs proved to be time-consuming and demanding for the company. Often, the Twinfix team had to dedicate an entire day to travel for a short one-hour CPD session, leaving little time for other important tasks.


Vicky Evans, Director at Twinfix, commented on this issue, stating, "Face-to-face CPDs take up a significant amount of time, and a team member often has to devote an entire day for travel, even for CPDs located nearby, due to the necessary travel and setup time involved."


Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic further complicated the situation, prompting Twinfix to re-evaluate its CPD delivery approach and explore alternative solutions.


Discovering Causeway CPD

Vicky immediately felt a strong connection with the Causeway team and their CPD offering. Recognising the potential synergy between their company and Causeway, Vicky made the decision to not only list their products on Causeway SpecifiedBy but also utilise Causeway's CPD service.


When reflecting on their experience of getting started with Causeway CPD, Vicky shared the following:


"It’s very easy to get started. The communication has been excellent, and the setup process was incredibly quick. It aligned perfectly with our aim to keep things simple. We believe in minimising complexity and ensuring architects can easily access design specs. That's why Causeway fits our style so well."

"We believe in minimising complexity and ensuring architects can easily access design specs. That's why Causeway fits our style so well."

Vicky Evans Director

The Outcome:

Maximum exposure online

Transitioning to Causeway's CPD service allowed Twinfix to overcome its previous challenges, and by embracing online CPDs, the company gained substantial flexibility overnight. Causeway's user-friendly platform aligned seamlessly with Twinfix's style, ensuring architects could easily access design specifications and relevant information. The simplicity of the system saved time for both Twinfix and the architects they aimed to engage.


Setting up a CPD session became a quick and streamlined process, taking just a few minutes with a simple click of a button. Online CPDs proved to be less intimidating for both presenters and attendees. Even if architects gathered in an office setting, Twinfix could deliver their CPD content through a large screen, further enhancing their efficiency and reach.


"We know how important it is to gain maximum exposure online, so having our name, products, and CPDs on Causeway platforms just helps to raise awareness of our brand and get our products in front of a bigger audience of architects and specifiers that we may not have been able to reach otherwise," Vicky commented.


Recognising the significance of maximising online exposure, Twinfix found that listing their products and CPDs on Causeway CPD significantly raised brand awareness. The platform allowed Twinfix to connect with a broader audience of architects and specifiers, expanding their reach beyond their existing networks. As a result, Twinfix experienced increased interest and engagement in their CPDs, leading to a more extensive client base and enhanced business opportunities.


Causeway’s CPD service played a pivotal role in helping Twinfix achieve their goals and plans. If you are interested in how Causeway CPD can support your business, learn more or contact a member of our team today.

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