Hennigan Building & Civil Engineering has recently adopted mobile workforce management solution Causeway Ermeo to simplify, standardise and digitise its processes on site.

Established 25 years ago, Hennigan Building & Civil Engineering, which is based in Milton Keynes, works on major residential and commercial projects across the UK.

The civil engineering and groundworks contractor had developed a number of on-site processes and forms, which had evolved with the needs of the business over the past two decades.

However, many of these relied on manual forms on both paper and in standalone Microsoft Word documents. This posed a number of challenges for the business, including teams not having the latest versions of documents and completed forms being misplaced. These manual processes also made it difficult to foster effective communication between the various sites and the Hennigan head office. Following an evaluation of the digital options available, Hennigan approached Causeway to find out more about Causeway Ermeo, following its implementation of Causeway Donseed to manage site attendance in 2018.

Causeway Ermeo digitises manual and paper-based processes by allowing the creation of fully customisable interactive forms that are easy to fill in on-site using iOS or Android devices. For Hennigan, the adoption of Causeway Ermeo has meant that the teams working on-site have access to the latest forms and can complete the required tasks quicker and easier. The completed forms are then transmitted directly to the head office for processing, reporting and storage, with no risk of items being lost or accidentally deleted. It also frees up site managers’ time by eliminating the need to send standalone electronic documents or even manually deliver forms.

In addition, the Causeway Ermeo forms can be used in online or offline modes and the straightforward interface guides the operative through each stage of the process ensuring the right tasks are completed at the right time. Not only does this improve the reliability of data capture but also helps to ensure compliance.

Causeway Ermeo also integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office 365 as the standard suite for email, documents and file storage. Forms completed in Causeway Ermeo can automatically populate Word documents or Excel spreadsheets and then be filed in Microsoft SharePoint or Teams.

A further reason for Hennigan’s selection of Causeway Ermeo is its ability to integrate with other Causeway solutions to streamline information gathering, data management and reporting across the business. In the next phase of its digitalisation strategy, Hennigan is planning to combine the data captured in Causeway Ermeo with Causeway Donseed to simplify the management of construction site operations.

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