Today, Donseed, part of Causeway Technologies Ltd, announces the launch of a new online induction software application to enable construction companies to run more efficient site inductions through digital transformation.

Designed specifically for the construction industry, the software allows contractors to invite subcontractors, individuals, and supply chain workers to complete fully customised inductions and site briefings remotely, via desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Stakeholders can create customised forms by project, upload company or site-specific videos, provide downloadable documentation such as site muster point locations, request that training record competencies are uploaded, and ask tailored questions to suit the requirements of the project.

When an induction is approved, based on a bespoke scoring system, individuals receive a confirmation email notifying them of the date and time that they should arrive on site.

Ollie McGovern, EVP of Causeway’s Attend Solutions, says: “The idea was to create a cloud-based application that ensures all workers receive consistent and relevant inductions before they attend site. Online inductions significantly reduce the amount of time taken to induct new construction site workers, minimises exposure to health and safety risks, and improves productivity.”

The new online induction software also complements Donseed’s biometric workforce management software application which is widely used across the construction industry to centralise project data, such as attendance and training records and PPE conformance, in the cloud. The new online induction software application integrates with the biometric workforce management software and data can be pre-populated to provide further time savings. To read more click here or call +44 (0) 1628 552000 to speak to a consultant.

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