In episode #11 of Construction Talk, Nick Smee, CEO of Yotta, explores how people and technology can work through the digitalisation journey together.

Nick also chats to Peter about Yotta’s data discovery, evolution, and the company’s exciting next chapter with Causeway for local authorities and their contractors.


Time-stamped highlights:

[00:20] Peter gets the podcast started

[00.53] Nick’s introduction  

[01.27] Yotta’s journey and data revolution

[03.20] Making the shift and utilising data

[05.00] Helping “over-worked” highways professionals make better decisions

[05.40] New chapter - Yotta now part of the Causeway Technologies

[07.00] Nick gives insight into “Horizons” product

[08.05] 70 local authorities now using Horizons

[12.40] Revolutionising asset management software

[16.00] Working with local authorities in Plymouth to create safer spaces

[17.00] Alloy is an “any-asset management system”

[18.15] Yotta technology is helping customers to drive down insurance premiums

[19:50] Defining what an asset is with artificial intelligence

[21.30] Streaming lining data with Yotta and discovering new asset type

[25.00] Peter touches on Yotta’s work with National Highway

[27.00] Nick expands on the success of National Highways project

[28.00] Nick reveals how local authorities and other organisations can achieve better management of risk with Alloy and Horrizons

[30.00] How does Yotta link in with the digital twin of a project

[34.20] What’s next for Yotta?

[36:23] Working with Causeway CPA in near future

[37:00] Creating a transparent culture moving forward with Causeway

[40.10] Nick shares his closing thought

[41.24] Peter and Nick close the episode 

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