On the 19th September the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) issued its second safety notice with regard to Legionnaires disease and its causes. And it is clear that M&E service and maintenance companies have a key role to play in helping to prevent the proliferation of the Legionella bacteria that cause the disease.

The latest HSE warning is based on a review of 10 years’ worth of data and effectively reiterates what most building operators – and certainly their M&E maintenance companies – should already know. Namely that regular maintenance of such systems is required to eliminate potential breeding grounds for the bacteria.

However, it is clear from the recent outbreaks that some maintenance tasks are often overlooked, generally as a result of inadequate planning and record-keeping.

Essentially, the human factor is at work here. This is where software can play a key role, as it isn’t subject to human frailties and will always remember key tasks and remind its users at the appropriate time.

Ideally, such reminders should be combined with features that help with task planning and resource management to keep the whole process efficient and profitable.

Causeway Vixen Service and Maintenance provides all of the tools that are required to offer building operators an efficient and reliable Legionella management service, putting their minds at rest and potentially generating additional business for the contractor.

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