Specifiers need to routinely find, compare, and evaluate information on a wide range of products while designing a building or development. When product information is difficult or time-consuming to obtain, it is not only frustrating for architects and specifiers but can also negatively impact the sales and marketing efforts of product manufacturers.

Simplifying the search for specifiers

Specifiers are often very ‘time poor’ and will take steps to save themselves time in the search for product information wherever they can. The aim for product manufacturers should be not only reaching the right specifiers at the right time, but also making this process as quick and easy as possible.

With online sources now the primary channel of this type of research, the design and functionality of a product manufacturers online presence can either help or hinder specifiers. 

Overcoming specifiers common frustrations 

Our research shows that ‘having to register to download files / access information on manufacturer websites’ (65.2%) and ‘badly designed / difficult to use manufacturer websites’ (61%) were the most common responses when asked about the frustrations of this process.

Here are some other common frustrations we found:

  • Complicated on-site navigation and site structure.
  • Pages that do not have the information specifiers need.
  • Only having a phone number to get in touch.
  • Asking specifiers to fill in a contact form, rather than just providing an email address.
  • Requiring high levels of detailed information before providing a quote.
  • Requiring specifiers to contact the company to get a file they need.
  • Having some information, such as BIM or CAD files, only available on a third-party site as this requires the specifier to visit and/or register there as well.

Taking time to reduce these issues on the company’s own website can help to drive more enquiries and lead to increased specifications of the products.

Product manufacturers must also consider their wider online presence, how specifiers can actually find and search for their products online and how they are handling inbound leads. Both accessibility and visibility are important factors to consider when marketing your products online. 

Furthermore, our research found that the product research tasks considered most time-consuming by specifiers were ‘getting prices / quotes’ and ‘comparing different products’. If this part of the process can be made quicker and easier, with responses received in the shortest possible time, it will help ensure a better experience for specifiers

Enhancing user experience through accessible product information

The frustrations and inefficiencies of the product search process is one reason many specifiers rely on product directories and other online portals where they can quickly gather and compare information on a range of products. Architects and specifiers are consumers too and expect a slick-user experience.

By making your product information more accessible to specifiers, you are helping overcome their frustrations of needing to wait for information, which in effective can improve their user experience of your site. This also helps position your company as the ‘go to’ brand in that category.

Addressing specifiers needs with Causeway SpecifiedBy

The Causeway SpecifiedBy database comprises a growing library of 10,000's products from over 2,500 building product manufacturers, helping specifiers find, research and compare building products and materials through modern search, comparison and information management tools. Aiming to eliminate all the frustrations they come across throughout their researching process. 

By listing all manufacturers product information and enabling a quick-quote request feature, we help to simplify researching process for specifiers, making it effortless for them to engage with manufacturers offerings and solutions. 

In turn, Causeway SpecifiedBy provides a digital marketing platform for manufacturers, enabling them to get their products and brand in front of over 70,000 architects, contractors, specifiers, and designers every month. This robust platform generates hundreds of valuable leads for building product customers, ensuring exceptional growth opportunities.

For manufacturers, Causeway SpecifiedBy provides unparalleled benefits. No only do you gain valuable, real-time insights into which specifiers are actively searching for and exploring your products,  you can use this knowledge to precisely target your audience, effectively market your products, highlight new features and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) opportunities, and ultimately generate high-quality leads.

By maximising your online exposure on the platform where specifiers initiate their research journey, you strengthen your sales and marketing strategy. Causeway SpecifiedBy offers the ideal solution to enhance your brand presence, attract specifiers, and secure more business.

To find out more about how Causeway SpecifiedBy can help you generate quality specification leads and make your product information more accessible, click here.


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