Case Study: Causeway Tradex boosts J Tomlinson’s invoicing success rates

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Industry experts, J Tomlinson cover the whole building lifecycle, from construction to refurbishment, engineering services, low carbon and renewable energy, repairs and maintenance, as well as facilities management.

 With such an extensive portfolio of services, it was important to Mark Fellowes, Group Financial Controller at J Tomlinson, to have a complete e-invoicing solution that was customisable to their business needs.

 Mark and his team also needed invoices to be received in a format that could be quickly imported and processed, supporting them to achieve fewer errors and delays in processing invoices for payment.

“The controls we can put in place are a real game-changer. The approval process we’ve put in place isn’t a standard solution, this is something the Tradex development team have built to our specifications.”

“Efficiency and visibility are two of the main benefits of using Tradex”

- Mark Fellowes, Group Financial Controller at J Tomlinson

Read on to find out how Causeway Tradex automated J Thomlinson's accounts payable processes.

Customer Information


Customer Name: J Tomlinson

Industry: Construction, refurbishment, engineering services, low carbon and renewable energy, repairs and maintenance, and facilities management.

Causeway Solution:

Causeway Tradex


More reliable real-time status updates


More efficient in getting payments on time

The Challenge:

Eradicating manual processes with Tradex

J Tomlinson has been working with Causeway Tradex for several years, however, when Mark joined the business in 2020, he wanted to expand the number of suppliers and contractors using the system and eliminate the manual processes the team was previously using.

Working with the development team, he was able to adjust the solution for these requirements, which has transformed the way their operations and financial teams operate:

“Working with Causeway has generated efficiencies within our operations and finance team, we no longer need to chase for paper copies, and all of the attachments are in one place when using Tradex.”

Mark has seen real value in the Tradex Doc Store, a cloud-based document repository with fully configurable role-based access to invoices and their supporting documents, as it has supported the company’s move away from manual processes. 

Moving toward a digital approach has freed up more time for Mark’s accounts payable team, he commented:

“Efficiency and visibility are two of the main benefits of using Tradex and they have made a real impact on the way we work. Having an audit trail means suppliers can be paid on time with reduced supplier disputes…

“No invoices get lost; we know the status of each invoice and who needs to approve it. The process is a lot slicker, quicker and enables us to get a higher success rate with getting our invoices paid on time.”

The team at J Tomlinson has found real value in the cloud-based solution, as it provides a secure hosted environment with fast efficient access from anywhere, which makes document sharing much easier for J Tomlinson’s Accounts Payable team. 

"I’ve been really impressed by the customer service Causeway Tradex provides. If any issues have arisen in the past, the support team get back to you quickly and resolve them."

Mark Fellowes J Tomlinson, Group Financial Controller at

The Outcome:

Faster payments and more reliable real-time status updates

With over 20 years of experience working in the construction sector, we understand how to communicate the benefits of e-invoicing to your contractors. 

Working with our Community Management Team; a dedicated resource that onboards and supports our customer’s supply chain throughout their contract period, J Tomlinson have been able to provide their contractors with a smooth transition process and have received great feedback from those that have adopted Tradex:

“We’ve had a really positive response from our subcontractors! Many have said that Tradex works a lot better for them, as it is more efficient in getting payments on time. Our subcontractors like having oversight of where their invoices are,” said Mark.

Mark highlighted how J Tomlinson has seen real success using Tradex, with faster payments and more reliable real-time status updates, which has meant they have built more profitable relationships with their contractors:

Most of the suppliers and subcontractors we identified to come on board have done so, and we are keen to get more on the system. 

Given our track record of 95% e-invoicing adoption across the supplier chain, it has never been easier to join Causeway Tradex. If you are interested in hearing how you can achieve the same results for your business, contact a member of our team here.


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