This is the third webinar in the design automation masterclass series which focuses on automating long hand calculations to quickly find the critical storm period.

The design automation masterclass series was developed to provide engineers with a deep dive into different areas of the design process. The webinars focus on the latest design automation tools developed by Causeway that enable engineers to streamline workflows and make time savings.

Designing the preliminary outline design of a drainage scheme upfront has many benefits to give greater confidence in design. Engineers can gain a good understanding of the site’s drainage requirements and when combined with the site investigation report, engineers can determine whether any infiltration can be used within the site. In addition, by working on an initial pre-planning design engineers can gauge the volume of earthworks that will need to be moved to make space for the SuDS features and Storage Structures, within the development site.

In this Masterclass, you will be shown how to work on an outline design and optimise the storage structures. We then demonstrate how to generate a drainage strategy pre-planning report, which includes the detailed information required to build your pre-planning report. From setting up the design settings of the site to calculating the Greenfield run-off rates and volumes, to calculating the optimal size of the storage and infiltration structures, including a ‘Flow Through Pond’.



This webinar covers all the major aspects of Causeway PDS Drainage Annotation including the following topics:

  • Configuring an Annotation Style and applying it to a drainage layout.
  • Creating a new Drainage Style
  • Assigning the Drainage Style to a section of the drainage network
  • Repositioning annotation to avoid text clashing
  • Importing a revised Flow design and its effect on the annotation


Recap on the whole Design Automation Masterclass Series:

1. How to implement design automation tools to quickly modify alignments

2. How to automate design and output production of drainage networks in CAD

3. How to automate drainage feasibility studies

4. How to automate the design of road markings and traffic signs

5. How to save time by automating drainage annotation deliverables


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