CJL Construction has recently implemented the Causeway Donseed labour management system on 25 of its sites. Causeway Donseed biometric access control solutions provide construction contractors with a highly effective way of controlling site access.

The Bristol-based civil engineering company has joined over 200 contractors currently using the solution. CJL Construction approached Causeway as it struggled with labour management and wanted to move away from the inefficient manual paper-based system the company relied on to record time and attendance on-site.

Failing to record accurate site attendance details can cost construction contractors like CJL Construction thousands of pounds per year. Their operations function was keen to move towards a cloud-based solution designed and built for the construction sector - making Causeway Donseed the perfect fit.

Causeway Donseed provides visibility on-site and accurate site attendance details with biometric timesheet data. CJL Construction’s payroll team now have the power to make informed decisions when they are needed as Causeway Donseed’s reporting functionality gives their team the deep insight they require.

The solution’s labour-tracking abilities have established critical cost controls, and CJL Construction can now review budgeted hours vs. hours worked on-site. Additionally, as Causeway Donseed has several pre-configured system reports (that can be quickly exported into CSV, Excel and PDF formats), the firm can now set up custom workflows, that can be sent out on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

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